Royal Baby, Royal Body Watch: Fat-shaming post-partum celebrities

Dr. Rebecca Hains

Today, CNN published a photo to Facebook of Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, leaving the hospital with their newborn baby boy. When it came up in my news feed, I was aghast–not at anything in the photo, but at the comments visible beneath it.

„Why is she so fat?“

„I’m sorry, but thats a BIG post partum tummy.“

„i think they forgot anther baby.“

„is she expecting twins?Its like something still breathing in her belly“

„is she pregnant again?“

„Kate still looks pregnant. is the a second baby?“

„Why she still look prego?“

„Whose kid is he holding? It’s obvious that skank is still pregnant.“

How classy.

Unfortunately (but not unexpectedly), Twitter featured more of the same:

„She’s still fat. #KateMiddleTON“

„OMG Kate middleton is fat still!“

„Why is Kate Middleton still fat? What’s left in there?“

„Kate Middleton still looks pregnant. Is that normal? I know there’s…

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